New Releases: Daniel Payne

Talesby: Thomas D. Mooney

Lubbock folk singer-songwriter Daniel Payne has released his third full-length album, Tales for Undesirables. The previous two, In the Fertile Gardens of Freedom and Ancient Tones, were released under his previous moniker 800 Mile Monday. 

Like previous albums, Tales for Undesirables finds Payne delivering a pack of rootsy country-folk ballads and Dust Bowl era picking hymns. Like many Panhandle songwriters, Payne too is a son of the pioneers. He immerses himself into West Texas drifters time and again with his genuine twang and draw. 

Find Tales for Undesirables on Payne’s official site here. Listen to the desolate and slow burning “Smoke Signals” below.


01. La Llorona
02. My Share of Mine
03. Jealous Train
04. Small Town
05. When I Come to Call
06. Fool’s Game
07. The Ballad of the Brave Colonel
08. Die Ramblin’
09. Hounds
10. Smoke Signals
11. No Fear of Any Kind


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