Panhandle Music 2015: Best of

251by: Thomas D. Mooney

If you were keeping up with our Top 100 Panhandle Songs of the Year list, I’m sure you’ve been wondering if we’d throw out a list counting down our top albums and/or EPs of the year as well.

Often when you do this kind of thing–counting down and talking about songs, albums, and artists in detail–you begin to see yourself reusing the same thing. In some cases, it’s a good thing. Maybe you driving the point home is just exactly what the songwriter wanted. But it’s rare. Mostly, it feels as though you’ve run out of anything worth a damn to say. It can turn to mush and lack any substance. You’re lost within the forest, but can’t see the trees. 

With this, we’ll try and keep it short and let the artist do the talking.

Top Panhandle Albums of 2015

01. Flatlands by Ryan Culwell
02. Men & Coyotes by Red Shahan
03. Ringling Road by William Clark Green
04. Hard Earned Love by Strangetowne
05. Panhandle Rambler by Joe Ely
06. The Night Before by No Dry County
07. Hold My Beer, Vol. 1 by Wade Bowen & Randy Rogers
08. 1806 by Dalton Domino 
09. Front Row Seat by Josh Abbott Band
10. Bury the Hatchet by Benton Leachman
11. Tales for Undesirables by Daniel Payne
12. Dust & Wind: Flatland Murder Ballads & High Plains Hymns by Charlie Stout
13. PianoViolin by Outlier
14. Home by Pat Green
15. Over the Horizon by DRAGG
16. Harmony in Hell by Daniel Markham & Claire Morales
17. Wabi Sabi by Mount Ivy
18. Howlin Room by Union Specific 
19. The Good Fight by Cory Morrow
20. Crystal for the Brass Empire by The Diamond Center
21. What if We Are Ghosts by Ronnie Eaton & The Cold Hard Truth
22. Solitude by Alma Quartet
23. Heartbeat by Hayden Huse
24. Red Dime by Dix Hat Band
25. The Salt Cedar Rebels by Dan Johnson & The Salt Cedar Rebels

Top Panhandle EPs of the Year

01. On Through the Night by Brandon Adams
02. Departures by John Baumann
03. Come May by Flatland Cavalry
04. Hold the Line by Jacob McCoy Burton
05. On My Side by The Goners
06. The Wilted Day: B-Sides by Mount Ivy
07. PLAYA LAKE by Playa Lake
08. Broken Marquee by Jim Dixon
09. Just by City Will Shake
10. Comanche Moon by Comanche Moon
11. From Me to Shore by Fellow American
12. Stocklyn by Stocklyn
13. Demo 2015 by Heavens Final War
14. This is For No One, This is For Nothing by Ivory & Ash
15. Llano Estacado Blues by Levi Methvin



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