New Music: Fellow American

From Me to Shore

From Me to Shore

by: Thomas D. Mooney

Lubbock indie-rock band Fellow American will be releasing their debut EP, From Me to Shore, this Friday, Nov. 13, 2015. An accompanying CD Release show will be Friday evening at At’l Do Farms Corn Maize (More details here).

Fellow American recorded From Me to Shore in Lubbock at Amusement Park Studios with Scott Faris at the producing helm. The five-piece rely on their harmony-infused thriving chorus lines to really add the punch to their sometimes Afro-pop guitar tones and lines (similar to early Vampire Weekend), and sometimes agile and piercing drums (think Local Natives’ Gorilla Manor).

There’s an undeniable mid-2000s indie influence on the band. Over the course From Me to Shore, you hear the band experiment and dabble in various styles and forms of modern indie rock and folk. 

Perhaps their best moment on the EP, is on the opening “Monkey in the Middle.” It’s more than hipster anthem worthy with its’ “Float On”-esque rhythm, psych rock filter, and foot-tapping harmony-infused chorus lines. 

With Lubbock brimming with singer-songwriters falling in the various forms of Americana, country, and folk, it’s an undeniable breath of fresh–and necessary–air for the Lubbock indie-rock world. 

Listen From Me to Shore below. 


01. Monkey in the Middle
02. Curfew
03. West
04. The Current
05. Black Ice
06. Play God



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