New Music: Daniel Markham & Claire Morales

harmonyinhellby: Thomas D. Mooney

It’s been three months since Daniel Markham’s last collaboration album with Tony Ferraro, Smoke Paint, was released in early June. Now, along with fellow Denton singer-songwriter, Claire Morales, they’ll be releasing the 10-track Halloween-centric Harmony in Hell, on, you guessed it, Halloween (Saturday, Oct 31). For Morales, Harmony in Hell too is the second album of the year for the songwriter following up her solo full-length debut, Amaranthine out this past February. In addition, all proceeds of Harmony in Hell will be donated to charity.

The harmony heavy folk ballads of Harmony were all written and recorded by Markham and Morales this month and are right in the Markham and Morales wheelhouse. It finds the two relying on natural chemistry, nostalgic endeavors, simple, smart arrangements, and quirky, singalong choruses. 

Listen to lead single “Velvet” below. 


01. Velvet
02. Calypso
03. Augustus Sol Invictus
04. Le Chuza
05. Never Die
06. Blue Rose
07. Chiffon
08. Invaders
09. Flame
10. Extinct


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