Music Video Premiere: No Dry County’s “Tupelo”

NDC Tupelo Promo Still Van 1by: Thomas D. Mooney

Lubbock five-piece No Dry County released the barn burner of an album, The Night Before, this past March. For the most part, it’s a stomp and holler affair that talks of the highs and lows of being on the road–something their second single, “Tupelo,” epitomizes.

“We started writing the song one night after a show in Atlanta while we were fixing a blowout outside of Tupelo, Miss.,” says lead vocalist Trent Langford. “At that point, we weren’t quite sure if we’d make it to our next gig in Memphis–or if we’d have significant others when we made it home.”

While “Tupelo” certainly builds on an infectious bright rhythm and pulse, the song comes from a darkened and unsure point with NDC. Rather than have a blow up about a blow out, Langford and company made the moment into one of their most iconic anthems to date.

Recorded primarily in Lubbock, “Tupelo” was directed and produced by Night Hawk Productions founder Tanner Griggs. Watch “Tupelo” below.


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