New Music: Stan Crawford’s True Story

crawford-true-story-cover-530pxby: Thomas D. Mooney

Texas singer-songwriter Stan Crawford has announced that True Story, would be officially released on Tuesday, August 11. The six-song extended play is his follow-up to Crazy Water, his 2008 debut album. 

On True Story, the Dallas-based Crawford primarily stays on an upbeat path. The guitar and fiddle tones are crisp and clean. They’re similar to those found in the mid ’90s or mid ’60s on country music radio. The accenting fiddle–or mandolin in some cases–never veer off into darkened territory or overbear Crawford’s vocals or storytelling. There’s a touch of bluegrass to the entire formula, but undoubtedly, the songs are still more about the lyrics and songwriter.

They’re the cool, gentle breeze to Crawford’s evening back-porch picking. As a storyteller, Crawford comes across as one with maturity and believability. The advice he’s throwing out in verse and chorus aren’t just for show or just because they happened to rhyme. They’re memories, advice, and lessons learned from Crawford first hand. 

Listen to the first single, “All Your Own,” from True Story below.

True Story Tracklist

01. All Your Own
02. Rockstar
03. Running Scared
04. Live & Grow
05. Your Memory
06. Fly Away


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