American Aquarium Song Tournament Voting: The Play-Ins

MasterBracketby: Thomas D. Mooney

To properly kick things off in our American Aquarium Song Tournament, we first must decide between the four play-in match-ups on the bracket. Some may view these as throwaway results since they’ll be going against behemoth songs–the 1 seeded “I Hope He Breaks Your Heart,” “Man I’m Supposed to Be,” “Wolves,” and “Burn. Flicker. Die.”–directly after in the official First Round. But, truly to understand an artist, one must appreciate and dive head first into their deep cuts. 

The four match-ups we have that you’ll be voting on are the following:

Pearl Snap Poets Region

16) Monsters VS 17) Lonesome Drive

Jean Jacket Hipsters Region

16) Saviors VS 17) Month Full of Sundays

Back Row Baptists Region

16) Big City VS 17) Dandelions

Bette Davis Doubles Region

16) Come Around This Town VS 17) Rosebud

Listen to the eight songs below. Vote on the four match-ups here. Remember, it’s you voting on what you think is the better song between the two and not necessarily what you like more. Typically though, that’s the same thing.



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