Snapshot: Lynette

by: Red Shahan

I may cuss her up and down when it’s time to put new strings on her, but I love Lynette more than words can describe. Not a lot of people know this about her, but when I began this music adventure in the great city of Lubbock, Texas; I was broke, homeless, not the man I was raised to be, and a big fan of all the trouble one man could handle. But through darkness comes light and its hard to justify a guitar changing someone’s life when looking from the outside in, but Lynnette changed mine. I’ll never forget, Stephanie and David Brooks not only giving me a job, but also taking money out of their pockets so that I could purchase this guitar and slowly pay them back. I sat for an entire night just staring at her and shaking my head in disbelief that people believed in me enough to put the now sweat stained, road weary, and cigarette infused guitar into my hands for the rest of my life. Lynette has seen every corner of the The Blue Light while sharing her walls with many of my songs that I wrote, half wrote, songwriters, rock bands, country bands, blues bands, whiskey guzzlers and the list could never end. I sometimes question whether or not I made the right decision to not finish college and pursue this dream they call music, but it’s nights like tonight that I string up Lynette, play one chord, and I’m swiftly reminded that it’s been a long adventure indeed, but I’ve only just begun.


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