Photography: Rattlesnake Milk & Dry Heeves

Rattlesnake Milk at Bar PM. Photograph by Susan Marinello/New Slang.

Rattlesnake Milk at Bar PM. Photograph by Susan Marinello/New Slang.

by: Thomas D. Mooney

Rattlesnake Milk and Dry Heeves played Bar PM last Monday night in front of a rowdy crowd of avid fans. Last week, we wrote about the show. Now, we’re telling the story of the night through photograph. Read an excerpt about the show below. To read about the show in full, click here.

A screeching rumble of static and feedback pierces the room. It must be an unsettling sound that finds it way to outstretched patio of Chimy’s down the block at it rattles their glasses and pricks their ears. The front room of Bar PM is packed with a mishmash of twenty-year-olds holding onto PBR cans and glasses of stout whiskey Cokes. Dry Heeves are squeezed in the corner. 

The feedback and static creep into distorted chords with a yelp and their off to the races. Nothing clears a room of yuppie-a-likes like Dry Heeves. It’s the bulging of the eyes and the forcing down of once sipped on beer bottles. It’s the head nods towards the other room or towards the door that scream louder than vocalist Dylan Davis ever dreamed of. 

Two pushed together round tables clear and are immediately taken over by those unafraid of the psychedelic surf rock chasms happening fifteen feet in front of them. They settle around the tables like pack of hyenas on an abandoned corpse of your favorite Savannah grazer. 



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