New Releases: The Goners

IMG_8431by: Thomas D. Mooney

Lubbock alt-country outfit The Goners have announced that their second EP, On My Side, will be digitally released next Tuesday. The five-track extended play picks up where last year’s excellent The Goners left off and expands on the band’s ever evolving sound. 

Where The Goners was all guitarist-vocalist Heath Tolleson compositions, On My Side sees the expansion of roles with keyboardist-vocalist Jerry Serrano and bassist-vocalist Sarah Duhan writing and singing songs as well.

On My Side will be available online starting Tuesday. We’ll update you with a link. Additionally, the band will be selling download cards of the EP at shows.

Listen to the title track, “On My Side,” below. On the Serrano penned tune, the band finds a smooth, but pulsing punk rhythm that punches as hard as Serrano’s words. Guitarist Brian Duhan adds ’80s Tom Petty guitar jabs on the chorus-laden ear-worm.  

On My Side Tracklist

01. Back to You
02. Gone
03. Blood & Dust
04. On My Side
05. Go Home


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