News: West Texas Walk of Fame Inductees 2015

WEStby: Thomas D. Mooney

Earlier today, Civic Lubbock, Inc announced that Natalie Maines and Jo Harvey Allen would be inducted into The West Texas Walk of Fame for the 2015 class. The induction ceremony is slated for Thursday, September 17. 

As many know, Maines is the lead vocalist and singer-songwriter for Americana-Country band the Dixie Chicks while Allen is an artist, playwright, writer, and actress. Both individual have devoted a significant part of their lives to the development of and gained recognition for their body of work in the promotion or production of arts, music, and entertainment. 

Both Maines and Allen will be joining family when they’re inducted into the Walk of Fame. Maines will be joining her father musician Lloyd Maines and The Maines Brothers Band while Allen will be joining her husband, artist/songwriter Terry Allen. 

Read our last piece on Natalie Maines here. For more on the West Texas Walk of Fame, click here.



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