New Releases: Alex Sanchez

11198793_915805825108461_560995190_nby: Thomas D. Mooney

Lubbock singer-songwriter Alex Sanchez will be releasing his second solo album Insight=Foresight this Friday at Backstage. The 12-track album is the follow-up to Sanchez’ excellent 2013 album Emotion Control. 

Sanchez will be joined by his band Kill Time Conspiracy on Friday along with fellow Lubbock songwriter Phlip Coggins & The Lotharios. For more details, click here.

On Insight=Foresight, the multi-instrumentalist Sanchez picks up where he left off on Emotion Control where he blended, combined, and shaped the sound around the influences of jazz, classical, and rock guitar with singer-songwriter worthy ballads. If anything, we find Sanchez experimenting and expanding even more so on Insight=Foresight.

Below, check out “Person Place or Thing,” the first track from the album, the first sneak peak of the anticipated album.


01. Person Place or Thing
02. Trigger
03. Consumer Behavior
04. Solanum
05. Emotive Control
06. Carry Me
07. Depth Wish
08. The Raven
09. Running From the Wind
10. Disconnected
11. Sweet Rebelution
12. Insight=Foresight


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