The Blue Light Spring Singer-Songwriter Competition: Final Results

Jerry Serrano performing during The Finals in The Spring Singer-Songwriter Competition. Photo by Aaron Smith.

Jerry Serrano performing during The Finals in The Spring Singer-Songwriter Competition. Photo by Aaron Smith.

by: Thomas D. Mooney

Lubbock’s Jerry Serrano was named the Spring Singer-Songwriter Competition winner after performing two emotionally charged songs–“On My Side” and “Gone”–last night in the Competition’s final night. The night was highlighted by Serrano’s melodic heartbreakers that elegantly captured a fragile, scorned, and angry Serrano.

Joining Serrano, singer-songwriters Jon Young and Daniel Payne were announced as second (Young) and third (Payne) place winners respectively. 

A pinstriped Benton Leachman announced the overall winners roughly 30 minutes past midnight after judges discussed the night’s nine performances and 18 total songs. Roars of applaud echoed out the open Blue Light doors before dissipating into the vacant night as Leachman read the scribbled names on a single piece of paper.

Despite being one of the shortest Finals in recent memory, the night overall didn’t feel lacking or flawed in the slightest. In fact, it had the opposite effect. You couldn’t find a better–top to bottom–night of performing songwriters in Blue Light Singer-Songwriter Finals history.

No songwriter was perfect. But even songs that were imperfect and blemished, they too had moments of shine. Good songwriting was showcased last night. Without question.

Here’s a rundown of how the night went in performance order:

01. Zoe Carter “Twenty-Four” and “Gas Station Wine”
02. Daniel Payne “Hounds” and “No Fear of Any Kind”
03. Justin Michael Bell “I’m Still Running” and “Grandpa’s Song”
04. Landon Scoggins “Hello Heartbreak” and “Blue Eyes”
05. Jon Young “Dixie Road” and “Here We Are”
06. Daniel Davis “Just Fine” and “Charlie”
07. Jerry Serrano “On My Side” and “Gone”
08. James Cook “Learning How to Fall” and “Don’t Wait Up”
09. Matt Morgan “Gamblin’ Man” and “Stand”

Final judges were: Jon Taylor of Mount Vernon Studios, Andy Wilkinson (West Texas Walk of Fame Inductee, Lubbock musician, and historian), Rode Morrow (Lubbock singer-songwriter and Hogg Maulies frontman) and myself, Thomas D. Mooney of New Slang. The Spring Singer-Songwriter Competition is hosted by Lubbock songwriter Benton Leachman.

In the coming months, we’ll be keeping up with the winners as part of a miniseries chronicling their music and life as singer-songwriters. In addition, be on the lookout for future Singer-Songwriter related material. 


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