Blue Light Spring Singer-Songwriter: Week II Results

Week II Spring BLby: Thomas D. Mooney

Last night marked the second week in the Spring Singer-Songwriter Competition at Blue Light, in which three singer-songwriters–Lubbock’s Zoe Carter, Matt Morgan, and Landon Scoggins–advanced to the Finals happening on Monday, April 20. The three songwriters will join last week‘s advancing songwriters, Daniel Davis, Daniel Payne, Jerry Serrano, and Jon Young

The night was highlighted by the three songwriters ability to capture specific emotions that resonated with the Monday night crowd. There was a great sense of confidence in their performances. And more than anything, you could tell that Carter, Morgan, and Scoggins had invested in the time and effort into perfecting their six songs. They had explored and knew the songs. Clever lines littered their lyrics while cadence and rhythm felt natural and thought out.

Overall, the night ran much like other preliminary round weeks. Songwriters performed at varying levels of experience with a mix of highs and lows. Some things felt tired and rehashed while some lines or melodies felt refreshing and new. There was undoubtedly improvement amongst songwriters who had performed in previous competitions. Those improvements did not go unnoticed.


Here’s a rundown of how the night went in performance order:

01. Dillon Taylor “Push Through” and “Greener”
02. Jonathan Jones “My Way to Home” and “My Pursuit”
03. Lori Sealy “Lucy” and “Bones”
04. Landon Scoggins “Sometimes” and “Invisible”
05. Joe Castner “Run Free” and “Alpine”
06. Eddie Esler “Flowers in December” and “Dripping Red”
07. Corey Killough “The Morning” and “Can You Hear Me Now?”
08. Matt Morgan “A Terrible Song” and “Gamblin’ Man”
09. Brad Hargrove “If Heaven Had a Backroad” and “High School Young”
10. Zoe Carter “Twenty-four” and “Gas Station Wine”
11. Zack Smith “Regular Song” and “Pale Face Rider”
12. Jake Martin “Last Romance” and “Sunset Line”
13. Dylan Jones “The Broken Shelf” and “Silhouettes (Tay)”

Note: Our 14th slot dropped from the competition last-minute and the decision was to not fill it. Next Monday, April 13, another 14 different songwriters will be performing. Doors at 9. Music starts at 10. Week II judges were: Jon Taylor of Mount Vernon Studios, Craig Tally (Lubbock musician), and myself, Thomas Mooney of New Slang. The Spring Singer-Songwriter Competition is hosted by Benton Leachman.


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