Noisetrade Wednesdays II: Roadkill Ghost Choir & The Black Lillies

RGCBLby: Thomas D. Mooney

Last week we introduced a new series we’re tentatively calling “Noisetrade Wednesdays.” Essentially, it’s us highlighting a couple of artists with music on Noisetrade. With so much depth, there’s naturally things that are often overlooked, forgotten, or just simply unknown. We’re wanting to shed light on these gems. As always, Noisetrade offers a completely free download, but we highly encourage you throwing a few bucks at the artists if you’re digging what they’re creating.

Last week, we highlighted albums by The Statesboro Revue and Sons of Fathers, which you can find here.

RGCRoadkill Ghost Choir

Roadkill Ghost Choir released their first full-length album, the solid In Tongues, last year. But prior to that, they released one of my favorite debut EPs–possibly ever–titled Quiet Light. From the get go, the Florida folk-rock band grabs your attention with sharp guitars and some of the most natural harmonies. Vocalist Andrew Shepard delivers time and time again, transitioning from upbeat Tom Petty rockers to relaxing Fleet Foxes baroque folk. Though it’s only six tracks long, you feel after listening, that you actually understand this band’s purpose. There’s a level of grace that flows throughout that’s both refreshing and crisp.

That’s not the only RGC material on Noisetrade though. They also released Slow Knife later in the year with two tracks from In Tongues, a track from Quiet Light, as well as an acoustic version of “Beggar’s Guild.” The title track, is a little more rocking than any of the material from Quiet Light, but there’s still that piercing guitar, timely pedal steel, and enthralling vocals from Sherpard and company. In addition, you can download “A Blow to the Head,” yet another track from In Tongues.

Download Quiet Light here, Slow Knife here, and “A Blow to the Head” here.

BLilliesThe Black Lillies

One of Knoxville, Tenn.’s staples, The Black Lillies have quickly grown to be a New Slang favorite. They’re currently working on their fourth album–which you can preorder through their PledgeMusic page here–but their first album, Whiskey Angel, is still available on Noisetrade in its’ entirety. Cruz Contreras and company have continuously evolved, expanded, and experimented in their sound on later albums, but with Whiskey Angel, you hear them at their rawest stages and where they laid those country, bluegrass, and folk foundations first. Since then, those roots have taken off and incorporated more, but you’re not going to find a more honest representation of good roots music than Whiskey Angel. The band has naturally become better a better group of musicians and artists since then, but with any band, starting from the beginning is always the most surefire way to properly introduce yourself to a band’s music.

Download Whiskey Angel here.


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