New Releases: Terry Allen Live Show with Bob Schneider

TerryAllenLiveShowby: Thomas D. Mooney

Bob Schneider is the type of artist who happens to record basically every live show of his. I’d consider that a good thing–specially when a legend like Terry Allen happens to do a song swap with you in Austin, Texas at the Texas Union Ballroom on a late January Saturday night. 

I was looking through Bandcamp late Sunday night and came across the recording of that very show, which includes a hell of casual, mellow vibe throughout. Schneider holds his own–in performance, song selection, and the ability to be humorous, sentimental, caring, and authentic (and typically all at once)–with the elder Allen.

There’s an incredible moment when Allen convinces Schneider to play the first song he ever wrote, a song titled “Love Shoes,” and when the first time he met Allen, who was doing a lecture at UTEP while Schneider was a student. Allen of course paid back the favor and played his first song he ever wrote, “Roman Orgy,” which was a song Allen wrote back in high school and was famously expelled for (read more on that here.)

As we pointed out in January, Allen’s Human Remains was released January 23, 1996. This probably is the reason why Allen’s song selection is Human Remains heavy. Of his 15 songs, six are from Human Remains, three from Allen’s latest album Bottom of the World, two from Lubbock (On Everything), two from Smokin’ the Dummy, one from The Silent Majority, and one, the aforementioned high school era song, “Roman Orgy.” (Note: two songs, “There Oughta Be a Law Against Sunny Southern California” and “What of Alicia” were both on Juarez and other albums.)

To purchase this live show, click here.


01. Wolfman of Del Rio*
02. Wish The Wind Would Blow Me
03. That Kind of Girl*
04. Let The Light In
05. Girl Who Danced Oklahoma*
06. Fist City
07. I Love Germany*
08. Changing Your Mind
09. What of Alicia*
10. World Exploded Into Love
11. Wilderness of This World*
12. Love Shoes > In My Mind (Banter) > I’m Good Now > There Oughta Be a Law Against Sunny Southern California* > The Enemy Inside of Me > Roman Orgy*
13. Crisis Site 13* > Young and Cute (Banter) > Dirty Feeling > Bottom of the World*
14. 2002
15. Peggy Legg*
16. 40 Dogs (Like Romeo and Juliet)
17. Flatland Boogie*
18. King Kong
19. Sidekick Anthem*
20. Randalls
21 Queenie’s Song*
22. Blue Mountain
23. Gimme a Ride to Heaven Boy*

* Terry Allen songs

Listen to Terry Allen perform “Girl Who Danced Oklahoma” below.


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