Noisetrade Wednesdays: Sons of Fathers & Statesboro Revue

Sofsrby: Thomas D. Mooney

Go to Noisetrade sometime. There’s always these pleasant surprises that you end up finding–either from bands you’ve never heard from or familiar names that ended up releasing something special. For those unfamiliar with Noisetrade, in short, it’s a site where bands and artists upload their music–sometimes entire albums, sometimes live performances, sometimes a sampler of songs–for free download, though you can leave a tip for the band’s generosity and work.

We’ve spoke about Noisetrade before this. It was when we found a, for the most part, forgotten Six Market Blvd. live show that had been uploaded by the band prior to their disbanding announcement. A few weeks after talking about Live from Burnet in the Rain, I spoke with Josh Serrato, founding 6MB guitarist, about the album. He mentioned how they just kind of forgot about the recording with band’s disbandment that happened the following months, but was glad someone found it to kind of remind the world. As Serrato recalls, that live show was really when they were at their apex as a band.

Anyways, we’ve been playing around with the idea of doing that sort of thing every week. Going into the Noisetrade rabbit hole and finding you, the reader, music that maybe you missed–things that you never heard about or slipped through your fingers.

This will be Week I.

sonsoffathersSons of Fathers

The now defunct Sons of Fathers released their self-titled debut album back in 2011. It was a fresh and airy brand of country-folk songs built around the harmonies of lead vocalists and chief songwriters Paul Cauthen and David Beck. We’ve spoken about it at lengths in the past. They’d go on to release to another two albums, 2013’s Burning Days and last year’s nearly forgotten by the mass media, the double-album State of the Art. And really, I thought they were the type of band who could be at the forefront of change in country music–Hell, Cauthen and Beck individually could still do so. But, there’s no getting over the instant chemistry that flows through their three band albums.

It all starts with the organic Sons of Fathers. Download it here.

statesboroalbumartThe Statesboro Revue

Austin’s Statesboro Revue just actually added their sophomore album, Ramble on Privilege Creek, today. The catch with this one is that it’s only going to be available for a week, so you better grab it quick. This also means that the Mann brothers and company will probably be releasing another album in the near future. We’ll see if that picks up where Privilege Creek left off. The album was anchored by folk country jams like “Huck Finn” and “Fade My Shade of Black.” Statesboro Revue found an incredible balance on the album by infusing those country folk ramblers with timely guitar, keys, and pedal steel while also throwing in the rootsy elements of harmonica, fiddle, and the earthy vocals of Stewart Mann. 

Download Ramble on Privilege Creek here.


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