New Music: Daniel Markham and Tony Ferraro

Photo Jan 19, 10 05 09 AMby: Thomas D. Mooney

Daniel Markham and Tony Ferraro have announced a new collaborative album, Smoke Paint. The 10-track album still doesn’t have an official release date, but the first single from Smoke Paint will be digitally released this Friday, January 23. According to Markham and Ferraro, the album will only be available on CD (and maybe tape) at shows and local record stores. 

The two rock singer-songwriters are regular collaborators as Ferraro has played on Markham’s two recent solo albums (2013’s Ruined My Life and 2014’s Pretty Bitchin’) and is currently Markham’s bassist. Ferraro, a staple in the Denton music scene is also the frontman of Tony Ferraro+The Satans of Soft Rock. 


01 Chastity Belt
02 Aero Demons
03 I Name You Beast
04 Death By Volume Control
05 Count To Ten
06 Cups & Rubbers
07 I Do The Mash
08 Kratom
09 Black Dutch
10 Doom

UPDATE: It’s Friday and Markham and Ferraro have released the first single, “Chastity Belt,” on their Bandcamp page. Listen below. 

In addition, the physical release of the album now has an official date: Tuesday, February 3. As mentioned before, Smoke Paint will only be available in compact disc form in limited numbers. Essentially, there’s a few ways to purchase Smoke Paint

– Online at here
– At any show that Daniel &/or Tony play (Daniel Markham, Tony Ferraro and the Satans of Soft Rock, Hares on the Mountain, Bar Band, solo shows)
– Recycled Books and Mad World Records on the square in Denton, Texas.
-Other record stores in DFW and beyond as we travel.
– Wherever Daniel or Tony are physically present AND carrying copies.
And in even more Lubbock specific news, Daniel Markham will be playing The Blue Light on Saturday, April 04. 

In related news, check out a live acoustic version of a new Daniel Markham song called “Slayer Tapes & AM Radio” below as well.


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