New Releases: Wade Bowen & Randy Rogers

hold mybeerby: Thomas D. Mooney

Few would argue with calling Wade Bowen and Randy Rogers the current and reigning ambassadors of Texas-based country music. It’s common knowledge that the two Texas singer-songwriters go out on a few acoustic tour runs throughout the year and have done their fair share of co-writing and various contributions on each other’s albums over the years.

Naturally, that companionship leads to the conceivable possibilities of a collaboration that’s more than a song or two–the full length album. The two have been pretty mum and understated when it was announced that the two would be releasing a full length studio album, yet, here we are with Hold My Beer. 

Hold My Beer has the tentative digital release date of April 06, 2015. It’s currently available for pre-order here. Once you do, you’ll get an immediate download of “Good Luck With That,” the lead single from Hold My Beer–along with two familiar live acoustic bonus songs, “Lost & Found” and “Trouble.”

Listen to “Good Luck With That” below.


01. In the Next Life
02. I Had My Hopes Up High
03. ‘Til It Does
04. Good Luck With That
05. It’s Been a Great Afternoon
06. I’ve Got Standards
07. El Dorado
08. Hangin’ Out in Bars
09. Lady Bug
10. Reasons to Quit
11. Lost & Found (Live Bonus)
12. Trouble (Live Bonus)


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