New Music: Benton Leachman

4PAN1T1PKSTCby: Thomas D. Mooney

Lubbock singer-songwriter Benton Leachman has announced that his debut album, Bury The Hatchet, will officially be released January 23. Leachman has been working on the 10-track album for roughly two years with local album producer-studio owner Jon Taylor at the helm.

Leachman enlisted the help from a various of players in the area including Brian McRae, Will Boreing, Mitchell Rambo, Michael Vann, Justin Lentz, Ellen O’Meara, Lora Markham, Randall King, Lloyd Maines, Wally Moyer, Matt Cardenas, Kyle Aaron, Billy McClaran, Phlip Coggins, Jordan Scultze, and Brett Hauser.

Friday, January 23 will also be the album release show at The Blue Light.


01. Desire
02. Hand To Hold
03. Pride
04. Bury The Hatchet
05. Run
06. Lonely Has Become a Part of Me
07. Cross to Bear
08. I’d Rather Burn
09. Safety Net
10. The Zombie Song

Listen to the first track from the album, a Ryan Adamsesque jangling rambler called “Desire,” below. 

Bonus: Listen to “Cross to Bear,” the first song debuted from the album from back in September below as well.


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