Year in Review: Top 60 Panhandle Songs of 2014

Photo Jan 05, 3 49 37 AMBy: Thomas D. Mooney

A year isn’t just 365 days. We like to think it is, but it’s much more than that. Ask an artist and you’ll soon realize that. An album gets a release date, but that’s more than anything, just a finishing date. It’s a “I’m done with this.” It’s released in 2014, but it’s been in the works for sometimes years and years.

Here in Lubbock, you get more rumored and fabled albums than just about any other place. This guy has a record–you can’t buy it just yet because he’s never released it. That guy, he has the best musicians in town playing on his. He’s been working on it for four years. 

So in many ways, many of these songs have been bouncing around bars, open mics, demo tapes, living rooms and backyard song swaps for years without having an actual physical piece being available for mass consumption. That anticipation can be maddening. Frustrating. 

But that’s Lubbock. You learn to appreciate what’s going on when it’s going on, because in an instant, it can be no more. Lubbock’s had more than its’ fair share of EPs and albums released post band-breakup.

If you’d been looking at a forecast for 2014, you’d probably have settled on something like “transition period.” There’s been a bunch of new up-and-coming artists trying to break out and come into their own. There’s been a bunch of debut singles, EPs, and albums released with only a handful of follow-up pieces by the established. 

You have bands trying to figure out what exactly their doing and why they’re doing it, and in certain cases, who are they doing it for–themselves or for mass appeal and acceptance? It’s a wildly entertaining and uncertain time in Lubbock music. There’s still so much up in the air. Tea leaves must be read and deciphered.

I first started working on this (and a few other lists) last month. I thought I had it. But to my surprise, was never really ever able to finish writing on it nor was I satisfied with my individual lines of critique. It’s already into the first full week of 2015 and folks really aren’t obsessed with my opinion anyway.

So here’s just the list in full. Listen and subscribe to the Spotify playlist below.

01. God of Wind Kenneth O’Meara
02. Well Under Spell Veda Moon

03. Tornado Dream Western Plaza
04. Mona Lisa Cody Jasper
05. Make Believe Daniel Markham
06. Dallas Dalton Domino
07. Eagle Ford John Baumann
08. Sun Shines On a Dreamer Wade Bowen
09. Lighter Shade of Blue The Goners
10. Cross to Bear Benton Leachman
11. Another Ugly Day Noel McKay
12. Imagine Houston Joe Ely
13. Sympathy William Clark Green
14. Long As I Don’t Lose You Zac Wilkerson
15. A Thinker’s Plea Mitch Rambo
16. Before The Drought Kenneth O’Meara
17. When I Woke Up Today Wade Bowen
18. Number 7 Dave Martinez
19. Death and Decay Veda Moon
20. High Plains Alchemy John Baumann
21. Skin Walker The Man & The Medicine
22. Mary Ross Cooper
23. Killing Floor Dalton Domino
24. Ordinary Day Erick Willis
25. The Miner’s Canary Slow Relics
26. Bathsalts Sugarwitch
27. Is This Love? Phlip Coggins
28. Ennio Daniel Markham
29. Are You Still Taking Them Pills? Noel McKay
30. Five Steps Hayden Pedigo
31. Someday Cody Jasper
32. Out All Night The Goners
33. Long Way Down Casey Berry
34. Thrift Store Girl Western Plaza
36. Middle of the Night Zac Wilkerson
37. Dancing the Sunshine The Man & The Medicine
38. Chicken Bones Kenneh O’Meara
39. You Got The Broken Heart Joe Ely
40. The Creep Dry Heeves
41. Crazy Jenni Dale Lord
42. Smoke a Joint Strangetowne
43. Cherry Pie Cody Jasper
44. Insanity Sugarwitch
45.The Flood Slow Relics
46. Between Heaven and Texas Doug Smith
47. Judgement Day Jay Boy Adams
48. Chills Landon Scoggins
49. Mama Said The Foxfire Experiment
50. Olivia Lindsey Brooke
51. Son and Shore Caste
52. Long Enough To Be A Memory Wade Bowen
53. Going For the Throat Spivey
54. Please Erick Willis
55. Like a Freak Bad Elastic
56. Rock N’ Roll Hayden Huse
57. Standing Ground David L. Puga
58. No Justice, No Peace Judiciary
59. Honey Blacksmiths
60. Hangin’ Around Josh Abbott Band


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