Week III Results

Singer_Songwriter2014Fallby: Thomas D. Mooney

Week III in the Fall Singer-Songwriter Competition saw Dave Martinez, Curtis Peoples, Jon Young, and Randall King all move on to the Finals (Monday, Oct 27). They’ll join finalists from Week I Jim Dixon, Hayden Huse, Kody West, and Cleto Cordero and finalists from Week II Lou Lewis, Eddie Glenn, Jacob Furr, and Mitchell Rambo. 

All in all, the 12 artists from Week III–and the 36 overall–have brought something to the table worth listening to–something worth continuing and working on. Obviously, this isn’t where everyone gets a participation ribbon (though, they did get t-shirts). Not everyone is going to win. There’s going to be disappointment. You just hope that energy is channelled into further development as an artist and not into giving up.  

Fellow judge and former winner Casey Berry said something rather telling and insightful after last night’s competition: “The year I won I beat a guy who went on to make one of the most played records on the radio. Another year we laughed at a guy who has become a fast rising star on the scene. So if you didn’t win who cares. I was highly entertained and happy to be listening. So thank you. To those that did move on congrats I wish y’all well and enjoy but remember ” your favorite song should be the next one.” So keep writing.”

At its’ foundation, this is an exhibition for great art. It’s disguised as a competition, but at the root, it’s about seeing and hearing the artists in your backyard.

Next Monday, Oct 27, will be the Finals.

Here’s a few notes on the night. 

Week II Order

Jon Young
Blake Fair
Randall King
Josh Lovett
Josh Jackson
Dakoda Keyser
Dave Martinez
Curtis Peoples
Elliott Powell
Jim Kendall
Corey Killough
Marshall Vines

Advancing Songs Performed

Jon Young: “Please Don’t” and “Let Our Love Grow”
Randall King: “It’s Alright” and “Coming This Way”
Dave Martinez: “Number 7” and “Swore You Didn’t Dance”
Curtis Peoples: “Worst Hard Times Blues” and “No One Makes It Alone”


Jon Taylor, Mount Vernon Studios
Thomas Mooney, New Slang
Casey Berry, Singer-Songwriter, Previous Competition Winner




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