Week II Audio

FALLSSby: Thomas D. Mooney

This past Monday, singer-songwriters Jacob Furr, Eddie Glenn, Lou Lewis, and Mitchell Rambo moved on in the Blue Light Fall Singer-Songwriter Competition. There was plenty of great songs played that night though. Here’s a live recording of Monday in it’s entirety.

You’re getting from Furr to Jones. 24 songs. We’ve not cut it into individual tracks or anything, but rather, just given you a tracklist.

Audio recorded by Jon Taylor of Mount Vernon Studios and Michael Vann of The Blue Light. Download Week II at The Blue Light here.

01. Jacob Furr: “Blake’s Song” and “Drift Away” 0:00-9:00
02. Eddie Glenn: “Showercaster” and “Whiskey/Gun” 10:35-21:40
03. Maggie Burt: “It’s a Shame” and “The Land of Might Have Been” 22:15-29:30
04. Lou Lewis: “Olton” and “Hale County” 33:20-43:15
05. Parris Pittman: “Love Ain’t Enough” and “Beating All the Odds” 44:10-53:15
06. Austin McManus: “Goodbye Town” and “Comes Around” 53:55-1:02:50
07. Eddie Esler: “Cadillac Queen” and “Sitting, Waiting” 1:04:20-1:15:00
08. Zoe Carter: “Barroom Muse” and “Twenty-Four” 1:16:35-1:25:25
09. Brandon Word: “Counting Down” and “Boyfriend Material” 1:26:40-1:37:45
10. Levi Fowler: “Young Coal Miner” and “Untitled” 1:38:40-1:44:40
11. Mitchell Rambo: “My Poor Lunar Heart” and “My Remorse” 1:45:40-1:52:55
12. Dylan Jones: “My Love Is a Tragedy Strategy” and “Untitled” 1:54:30-2:05:55


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