Week II Results

Singer_Songwriter2014Fallby: Thomas D. Mooney

Week II in the Blue Light Fall Singer-Songwriter Competition had four individuals who punched their ticket to the Finals on Monday, Oct 27. Those four: Lou Lewis, Eddie Glenn, Jacob Furr, and Mitchell Rambo.

Last night was just incredible. Genuinely, incredible. 12 singer-songwriters came and performed their two songs in front of a healthy crowd, who were attentive for the most part (They did have their moments of incoherent rumblings). 

In any competition that “judges” art, you’re going to have to be critical. That’s just part of it. More than anything though, keep in mind that art isn’t about the final product; it’s the process. 

I wouldn’t ever say that anyone I’ve ever seen in one of these things had ever figured out that process perfectly. But, there was certainly some who were on the right track–even if they didn’t move on. Maybe all the parts aren’t as refined for some just yet, but there’s undoubtedly some talent there. 

For the true artist, I think this goes without saying. But you still hope that no one stops creating because of something like this. It’s not a setback by any means. It’s not disapproval. 

Next Monday, Oct 20, will be the final preliminary round. The Finals will be on Monday, Oct 27. We’ll announce the final 12 on Monday. Week I Results here.

Here’s a few notes on the night. 

Week II Order

Jacob Furr
Eddie Glenn
Maggie Burt
Lou Lewis
Parris Pittman
Austin McManus
Eddie Esler
Zoe Carter
Brandon Word
Levi Fowler
Mitchell Rambo
Dylan Jones

Advancing Songs Performed

Jacob Furr: “Blake’s Song” and “Drift Away”
Eddie Glenn: “Showercaster” and “Whiskey/Gun”
Lou Lewis: “Olton” and “Hale County”
Mitchell Rambo: “My Poor Lunar Heart” and “My Remorse”


Jon Taylor, Mount Vernon Studios
Thomas Mooney, New Slang
Kenneth O’Meara, Singer-Songwriter, Previous Competition Winner


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