Week I Results

Singer_Songwriter2014Fallby: Thomas D. Mooney

After some stiff competition, singer-songwriters Jim Dixon, Cleto Cordero, Hayden Huse, and Kody West were ultimately decided as the four who would be moving on to the Finals in the Blue Light Fall Singer-Songwriter Competition.

Stiff competition. I’m not just saying that either. There was some incredible performances last night by artists who didn’t advance. In another week, they very well could have moved on. We’ll just have to see how each of the following weeks stack up. If this week is any sign, we’re all in for a great treat. 

Next Monday, Oct 13 will be Week II in the competition with another 12 singer-songwriters from the area. We’ll be announcing/introducing those next Monday.

Week I Order

Dan Patterson
Kody West
C.P. O’Neal
Jim Dixon
Michael Lambert
Colton Clarkson
Drew Thomas
Justin Michael Bell
Joe Cotton Castner
Jerry Serrano
Cleto Cordero
Hayden Huse

Advancing Songs Performed

Kody West: “Higher Ground” and “Fatal Love”
Jim Dixon: “Tonto” and “Broken Marquee”
Cleto Cordero: “Stay Here Awhile” and “Missing You”
Hayden Huse: “Heartbeat” and “Worth the Wait”

We’ll possibly have a stream of the entire show up sometime this week. Stay tuned. 


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