News: Stolen Gear Fund Show

thingby: Thomas D. Mooney

In late August, two local musicians, Michael Moad of Front Porch Family Band and Matt Newsom of No Dry County, had a significant amount of gear and instruments stolen during a late night vehicle break-in. 

As you can imagine, the instruments and gear haven’t been recovered–and sadly, most likely won’t be–despite a reward that at last report, was up to $2,200.

To help lighten the burden of replacing all of this on their own, there has been a benefit show organized, in which all proceeds will be going towards Moad and Newsom. 

This Sunday, Oct 5, at The Blue Light, you’ll be able to catch a handful of local songwriters playing, headlined by Red Shahan, Casey Berry, Dalton Domino, and Trent Langford. Other songwriters include Benton Leachman, Cleto Cordero, Dallas Owens, Phlip Coggins, Heath Tolleson, Parker Morrow, Adam Inmom & Casey Johns, Caleb Allemand, and Marshall Vines. The cover will be $5 and start at around 5pm. 

For more information and updates, check out the official Facebook event here.



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