September: 21 For 30: Erick Willis

Photo Sep 02, 3 18 41 AM21Editor’s Note: We’re trying this again. Getting 30 artists to answer the same question. For the month of September–one for each day–we’ll be getting 30 Lubbock-West Texas singer-songwriters to answer the following question. For the complete list of September answers, click here.

Is there a song that you’ve written that you find yourself singing with your eyes closed more often than not when performed live? Why?

“I’d have to say “Ordinary Day.” Every time I’m singing the chorus of that song–which, it’s a loud, belted out chorus–I automatically start thinking about that snow storm that I wrote it in. Every time I’m singing that song, it’s like I’m back in that snow storm. It just takes me back. Closing your eyes, it helps you kind of helps block everything else out.”

Erick Willis, songwriter

“Ordinary Day” is on Willis’ first full-length album Please, which will officially be released this fall. Listen to the title track below. Like Erick Willis on Facebook here and follow him on Twitter here.


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