September: 14 For 30: Alex Sanchez


Editor’s Note: We’re trying this again. Getting 30 artists to answer the same question. For the month of September–one for each day–we’ll be getting 30 Lubbock-West Texas singer-songwriters to answer the following question. For the complete list of September answers, click here.

Is there a song that you’ve written that you find yourself singing with your eyes closed more often than not when performed live? Why?

“I’d have to say my song would be “Waiting Where For Me“, from my debut album Emotion Control. I usually have to keep my eyes open and focused for the musicality of most of the music I write, and also to better communicate with my team while we’re in the middle of the music to keep maximum audio control over as much as we can on a reasonable level. I’m really critical about my own sound as well, focusing on tone and pitch quality on an almost-perfectionist level, so when I do end up closing my eyes, the music is usually tearing my guts apart from the inside from the raw energy of the sound-waves around us, so I’m just trying to focus on staying in key and keeping myself together as to not get carried away by the epic moments and screw up! I’m such a huge fan of listening though, so in most of these closed-eye moments it’s the heavier struggle of keeping balance between the subjective and objective parts of my mind. All that being said, “Waiting Where For Me” has a ton of guitar bends, vocal harmonies, and brain-melting scale and chord collisions that make your guts feel like they’re being rearranged, so trying to keep the A.D.D. under control in the midst of this craziness is finding the sweet spot and being able to be separated just enough to do the moment justice. Especially with the whole song being in 7/4, there’s a ton of things to think about that can potentially distract you, so closing my eyes REALLY helps separate myself from the moment in order to just focus on making the waves right. I’m not, crazy am I [laughs]?”

Alex Sanchez, The Kill Time Conspiracy, songwriter

Listen to “Waiting Where For Me” from 2013’s Emotion Control below. Like The Kill Time Conspiracy on Facebook here and follow Alex Sanchez on Twitter here.


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