September 12 For 30: Charlie Shafter

CharlieShafter12Editor’s Note: We’re trying this again. Getting 30 artists to answer the same question. For the month of September–one for each day–we’ll be getting 30 Lubbock-West Texas singer-songwriters to answer the following question. For the complete list of September answers, click here.

Is there a song that you’ve written that you find yourself singing with your eyes closed more often than not when performed live? Why?

“I rarely close my eyes when I’m playing a show. I usually look cross eyed at the end of the microphone. It’s that place where the cable meets the input of the mic. I seem to focus on that. My sister pointed that out years ago. There is no way to see it without crossing your eyes. It’s a safe area. On the rare occasion I do close my eyes, it’s usually some form of nostalgia creeping in. It could be any song really. I’ll remember some time, place, or person I was around when I wrote that song. You close your eyes and transport yourself back there. It is almost a form of time travel. You don’t have to be a songwriter to expierence that. I’m sure you’ve all had this experience. Lately, it’s been “Sea Wall” and I see my wife, my daughter, Starfire, his wife, Ray Wylie Hubbard, his wife, Gabriel Person, and George Reiff. I love those people.”

Charlie Shafter, songwriter

Listen to Shafter’s “Sea Wall” from the 2012 album Charlie Shafter below. Like Charlie Shafter on Facebook here and follow him on Twitter here


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