September: 11 For 30: Brandon Adams

BrandonAdams11Editor’s Note: We’re trying this again. Getting 30 artists to answer the same question. For the month of September–one for each day–we’ll be getting 30 Lubbock-West Texas singer-songwriters to answer the following question. For the complete list of September answers, click here.

Is there a song that you’ve written that you find yourself singing with your eyes closed more often than not when performed live? Why?

“I think I close my eyes too much anyways. When I was a boy, my grandfather told me one day while we were just driving around how much he didn’t like Reba or Garth Brooks. He said George Strait was the best out there. When I asked him why he said George doesn’t close his eyes like the others do and he wasn’t hamming it up or being all melodramatic. I laugh about it now. When I wrote “Fuck Me Up,” it was about the time of his death. I can close my eyes on stage and think of him…and how he would disapprove of what I’m doing at that moment. Its my favorite song.”

Brandon Adams, Brandon Adams & The Sad Bastards, songwriter

Listen to “Fuck Me Up” from the 2011album Brandon Adams & The Sad Bastards below. Like BASB on Facebook here and follow them on Twitter here.


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