September: 8 For 30: Daniel Fluitt

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Editor’s Note: We’re trying this again. Getting 30 artists to answer the same question. For the month of September–one for each day–we’ll be getting 30 Lubbock-West Texas singer-songwriters to answer the following question. For the complete list of September answers, click here.

Is there a song that you’ve written that you find yourself singing with your eyes closed more often than not when performed live? Why?

“A song that I have written that I find myself singing with my eyes closed more often than not when performing live? Hmmm…Well I will start off saying that I often perform songs with my eyes closed. I also, equally, perform songs with my eyes open. Sometimes the same song. Sometimes I squint–especially when I only have one contact in. Sometimes I glare. Mostly when playing to Omega Kappa Kegga crowd. Sometimes, infrequently, I get the bug eyes. Mostly when I am trying my damnedest to get my point across.

When I do sing with my eyes closed, it normally doesn’t have any bearing on the actual song as it does involving me hitting a note high up in my octave. When I try and hit a note, I usually scream to get there, and it’s hard to scream with your eyes open.

That being said, there is one song that I usually sing beginning to end eyes closed. That would be “You Can’t See the Light.” The song is a heartbreaker based off of Jose Maria Gironella’s amazing book The Cypresses Believe in God. The book takes place during the Spanish Civil War and shows both sides and the atrocities each display during a time of war. The song follows a young man, lead by God’s will, who is ultimately and needlessly executed by the very people whom, before the war, befriended and interacted with him on a daily basis. I originally wanted to write and record an entire concept album based on the book. Maybe one day. The heaviness of the content, the fact that the chorus is way up in my vocal range, and the idea of singing a song about “not seeing the light, only what it touches” eyes closed are the main reasons for not opening my eyelids the entirety of the song. So if I stray from the mic, now you know the reasons behind it. At least in this song.”

Daniel Fluitt, Thrift Store Cowboys, singer-songwriter

Listen to “You Can’t See the Light” from Thrift Store Cowboys’ fourth album Light Fighter below. Like Thrift Store Cowboys on Facebook here and follow them on Twitter here.


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