New Releases: Josh Abbott Band

Photo Sep 03, 9 04 31 AMby: Thomas D. Mooney

Josh Abbott‘s JABFest in Lubbock is now less than three weeks away–Friday, September 20 at The Lonestar Amphitheater. That following Tuesday, Abbott and company will be releasing a new EP titled Tuesday Night. It’s the band’s major label debut on Atlantic Records.

We’ve heard the first single, “Hangin’ Around,” has been out of a few weeks now, and yesterday, the title track from the five-song EP premiered with the announcement and release date of said EP. You can currently pre-order Tuesday Night here and get “Hangin’ Around” and “Tuesday Night” immediately.

Tuesday Night Tracklist

1. Where the Party
2. Hanging’ Around
3. She Don’t Break
4. Tuesday Night
5. Blush

For tickets for JABFest featuring Dalton Domino, Sam Riggs, William Clark Green, Kyle, Park, Casey Donahew, and the aforementioned Josh Abbott, click here.

Watch/Listen to the Chimy’s homage, “Tuesday Night,” in the aptly titled Chimy’s Sessions below. 

In addition, watch this Abbot and company talk about the behind the scenes of “Hangin’ Around.”


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