Six Market Blvd: Rainy Night in Burnet

Rainy Night in Burnet

Rainy Night in Burnet

by: Thomas D. Mooney

“On a whim a near distant rainy night, last minute we decided to record the feed from a show Burnet, TX. What we heard is what you are hearing. We’ve adjusted a few levels, cut some banter, mastered it and uploaded it. We hope you share this album, give it away burn it, play it loud and we hope you enjoy it.”

That’s what it says in the About on this live recording from Six Market Blvd.

I was looking through the pages and pages and pages of albums, samplers, singles, and live recordings that have been uploaded to Noisetrade. On a whim, I searched for some familiar names to just see if there was something forgotten or unknown. Threw in Six Market Blvd. and this popped up.

I’d never heard about it. Never heard any of them mention it passing. Did a quick Google search and didn’t even see any press, posts, or a single tweet speaking about the record. Last night, I asked a few friends and they were just as surprised as I was.

Regardless, thought I’d share the hidden gem that is Rainy Night in Burnet. It’s a sixteen track live show featuring the likes of show standards “Say It,” “Ready to Throw,” “Stand,” “Misery in Me,” and “Silence in Me,” a couple of Red Shahan compositions in “14 Miles From Home” and “East Side River Snake,” and a couple of covers for good measure.

By this time, everyone knows the band parted ways earlier this year, which makes this even more special. It’s them at their apex.

Find the album here.


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