New Releases: The Goners

1620458_288283311321673_2032473607_nby: Thomas D. Mooney

Like a lot of places, Lubbock has its’ fair share of bands that used to be other bands. They’re born from the ashes from various projects from the past. Sometimes these bands go back into the furnace for further melting and work while others actually take the mold and become something.

The Goners is one of Lubbock’s most newly formed band, but they’re all familiar faces. The band–Brian Duhan, Sarah Duhan, Jerry Serrano, Heath Tolleson, and Elec Winner have been working on their debut EP for a while now and it’s finally here.

The self-titled, five-song album was recorded with Alan Crossland over at Route 1, Acuff Studios this past April. You can purchase the album either at one of their upcoming shows or on iTunes here. This upcoming Tuesday, May 27, The Goners will be playing at The Blue Light along with Lubbock’s Veda Moon.

Watch/Listen to The Goners play on 24 Frames below (starts at 22:00).


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