New Releases: Between Heaven And Texas

BHATby: Thomas D. Mooney

Local singer-songwriter and photographer Charlie Stout has been working for the better part of a year on a special film project featuring the photography of Wyman Meinzer, the Official Photographer of the state of Texas, and Doug Smith, the renowned piano composer. Stout and company have countless hours working in collaboration with Meinzer and Smith on the short film, Between Heaven And Texas. 

“Between Heaven And Texas is a celebration of the Texas sky and the many blessings bestowed upon this great state from Heaven above, as interpreted by two Texas greats: Wyman Meinzer and Doug Smith,” says Stout. 

Stout worked in conjunction with a host of West Texas musicians and recorded with Scott Faris at Amusement Park Studios as well as with Alan Crossland at Route 1 Acuff Studios. While the emphasis is undoubtedly and deservedly so on Meinzer’s photography and Smith’s music, it’s a West Texas collaboration worked on by many. 

You may recall that Meinzer, Smith, and Stout previously collaborated on the similar film, West Texas.

Watch Between Heaven And Texas below. For more information about the film, Meinzer, and Smith go to

Additionally, watch the aforementioned West Texas below.


One response to “New Releases: Between Heaven And Texas

  1. Reblogged this on Just Us Chickens and commented:
    I had the privilege of meeting Wyman Meinzer last year when he came to speak to a class I was in at the time. He is beyond amazing. He has been blessed with the ability to capture Texas at her best and this video is just a small highlight of his vast collection of work.

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