New Releases: “Killing Floor” by Dalton Domino

by: Thomas D. Mooney

Local singer-songwriter and Front Porch Family Band frontman Dalton Domino has had a pretty eventful spring. He’s gone from various songwriter competitions to earning a spot to play Larry Joe Taylor’s Texas Music Festival to a few weeks past to finishing up an album and officially releasing his debut single, “Killing Floor.”

Today, it officially hits the radio waves. But if you’re not close to an actual radio, you can also stream “Killing Floor” here for the immediate future. Listen below.

EDIT: You’re able to download “Killing Floor” for free if you click here or below as well. You’re also able to listen to KJDL Red Dirt Rebel’s interview with Domino from this morning here (Look under “Featured Song,” Dalton Domino in Studio in the middle of the page.) In addition to the interview, they play “Dallas” and “Seven Years.”


5 responses to “New Releases: “Killing Floor” by Dalton Domino

  1. Awesome Song! This song & Robby Carlson’s “pick up the bottle” are my new favorites!!!

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  3. Saw this band @ the Railhead in Willow Park & loved them. I want to continue to hear them. I listen to their CD all the time. Hope to go see in person again. Good luck with your career. Marilyn

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