News: Week 2 of Spring Singer-Songwriter Competition

1781838_10152049828467153_693335248_oby: Thomas D. Mooney

Editor’s Note: I will be a judge in future weeks. Due to this, I’ll hold back all personal opinions about each night of songwriters, songs, and finalists until after April 7.

After a week of Spring Break, the Spring Singer-Songwriter Competition started back up Monday night at The Blue Light. Much was the same as Week 1 two weeks ago. Dark-country folker Charlie Stout started the night off with a collection of murder ballads and songs about trains while Monday Night host Benton Leachman bookended the night with an additional collection of murder ballads and songs about trains tragic love loss and songs about zombies.

The meat of the Monday night sandwich was, of course, 12 songwriters playing two songs each. For the second week, songwriters Kenny Harris, Erick Willis, Marshall Vines, and Dave Martinez moved on to the finals. As a refresher, they join Week I finalists Dalton Domino, Lora Markham, Drew Thomas, and Randall King. 

Week II Singer-Songwriters:

Marshall Vines
Levi Fowler
Dave Martinez
Sterling Masat
Zach Sadberry
Erick Willis
Zoe Carter
Tommy Blake
Garrett Looka
Kenny Harris
Corey Killough
Kris Lane

Week III of the competition will be next Monday, March 31 with the finals being held on Monday, April 7. Keep updated on the Spring Singer-Songwriter Competition, stay tuned to New Slang.


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