News: Week 1 of Spring Singer-Songwriter Competition

1781838_10152049828467153_693335248_oby: Thomas D. Mooney

Editor’s Note: I will be a judge in future weeks. Due to this, I’ll hold back all personal opinions about each night of songwriters, songs, and finalists until after April 7.

Bellows of smoke erupted out of Blue Light’s pool room. Four judges had been quietly been arguing (civilly, of course) behind closed doors as Monday Singer-Songwriter host Benton Leachman played a handful of originals to captivate the crowd. Nevertheless, the excited, yet tense crowd awaited. 

Waited. Waiting for names read off a torn piece of paper with four names jotted down deeming them the best–at least for this week.

For Week 1 of Blue Light’s Spring Competition, Dalton Domino, Drew Thomas, Lora Markham, and Randall King were the four named to compete in the finale. 

Not as a judge, but solely as an on looker and listener (to both the 12 songwriters, but to the four judges as well), I can’t help but reiterate Leachman’s final words of the night: There’s a plethora of songwriting talent here. I can only imagine how difficult it was for our judges. 

The next week of competition will be March 24. For more details, click here.

Week 1 Competitors

Justin Beiser
Corey Killough
Zoe Carter
Randall King
Haley Cole
Bristen Phillips
Lora Markham
Ray Fairley
Drew Thomas
Joshua Jackson
Dalton Domino
Zach Sadberry
Joe Teichman 

Keep updated on the Spring Singer-Songwriter Competition, stay tuned to New Slang.


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