News: The Blue Light Spring Singer-Songwriter Competition

1781838_10152049828467153_693335248_oby: Thomas D. Mooney

It isn’t a secret that Lubbock’s always been able to produce a crop of great songwriters every generation. As long as there’s a Lubbock, there will be the proverbial Lubbock singer-songwriter. There’s a place in the world for that individual. There’s always been a place that’s largely accepted as a hotbed for creativity, constructive criticism, competition, and reception.

In recent years, that place has been 1806 Buddy Holly Ave. For the last several years, The Blue Light has held a handful of yearly competitions. After the success of 2013’s Fall Competition, won by singer-songwriter Amanda Goebel, Blue Light’s decided one fall competition isn’t enough. In recent memory, Singer-Songwriter Competition winners have been Danny Cadra (Fall, 2012), Zac Wilkerson (Fall, 2011), Kenneth O’Meara (Fall 2009), Casey Berry (Fall 2010), and Daniel Markham (Spring 2011).

For the next several weeks, Monday’s Singer-Songwriter Night will turn into the 2014 Spring Singer-Songwriter Competition starting this Monday, March 10. The preliminaries will be over the course of three weeks (March 10, 24, 31. March 17 will not be due to Spring Break) with April 7 serving as the finale. The overall winner will receive studio time at Mount Vernon Studios (Lubbock), merchandise, and a music video from Johnny Velvet Tees.

The basic rules for the competition go as followed.

1. Each songwriter will be allowed two songs (Songs shouldn’t be longer than five minutes in length).
2. Each song must be an original. No covers.
3. Songwriters must provide copies of their lyrics for the judges prior to performance. If you do not bring advance copies, paper will be available.
4. Each songwriter must make their own arrangements with regards to instruments. (Bring a guitar, etc).
5. To sign up, you must sign the official sign-up page with host Benton Leachman, Dustin Six, and/or The Blue Light Facebook.
6. Each night, there will be 12 spots.
7. If you do not advance to the finals on your first attempt, you will be granted one more chance.
8. Once you advance to the finals, you will not need to perform until the Finale.

Additional rules will be provided each night. Find our Facebook event page detailing the competition here. Keep up with the competition with updates here.

Watch 2013 Fall winner Amanda Goebel perform during the finals below. 


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