Thrift Store Cowboys Song Tournament Day I

TSCBracketby: Thomas D. Mooney

Yesterday, we announced that Lubbock staples Thrift Store Cowboys would be the next band we’d have an artist song tournament for. This time around, we don’t just want you to be on TSC song journey with us, but rather be part of it. Each match-up will be decided by popular vote (In the past, we would have an anonymous pool of voters made up songwriters, musicians, and writers).

Today, we’ll be opening the polls on the half of the First Round Match-ups. Vote here. Tomorrow, we’ll have the results and will be voting on the remaining First Round Match-ups.

Remember, you can also submit your filled out bracket and have a chance to win some pretty cool TSC prizes. Details here.

Here’s a rundown on today’s match-ups followed by a Spotify playlist.

16. Lean Into the Sway
17. Go! Go! You Coyotes

8. No Trees
25. Italian Sand

9. One Gentle Inch to Nine Violent Miles
24 Highwire

12. Silence Depends on the Dose
21. Man We Ran Them Camels

13. Under Canopy
20. Cloudburst

11. Where There’s Sun
22. Rosemary

14. Through For The Year
19. The Night The Cafe Burned

10. Morning Weekend
23. Ghost Guys

15. Shadow Weather
18. Amanda


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