Year in Review: Top Lubbock Albums & EPs

Printby: Thomas D. Mooney

We recently finished up with our Top Lubbock Songs of the Year, but we’re really love albums as a whole better. You’re able to get a more complete view and understanding of what an artist is trying to convey. You see more of the puzzle pieces. Songs make up albums and albums make up scenes–amongst other things.

2013 was a blooming year in Lubbock music. There’s no doubt in that. But what I’ve continuously pondered is if it’s, in a way, a bit of fool’s gold. Is 2013 just a great year because just by coincidence, legendary Lubbock artists like Terry Allen, Delbert McClinton, and Natalie Maines all released records while Amanda Shires, William Clark Green, and Daniel Markham all had breakout albums, and artists like Grady Spencer, Danny Cadra, Ronnie Eaton, and Colin Gilmore all had years in which they released great records? By all means, you couldn’t exactly predict that Allen, McClinton, and Maines would all released albums in 2013 when none of them has had a studio record in quite some time.

So was this all the stars aligning and just being “lucky” or is this just a hint at what’s to come? Optimistically, I’d say the latter–especially knowing what’s tentatively being released in 2014. The realist in me says that it’s a combination of both though. We encountered a very special year with monster albums that also seems like a genuine upswing. We won’t really know though until years from now when we’re able to look back. Hindsight’s 20/20.

Is this some kind of copout? Rose QueenDown Fell the Doves, and Ruined My Life all at the top position? Maybe. But I don’t think it could be any other way. There’s six possible combinations that RQDFTD, and RML can be assembled and they’ve all been, at one time or another, been our “official” ranking.


Full Lengths

01. (Tied) Rose Queen William Clark Green
01. (Tied) Down Fell the Doves Amanda Shires
01. (Tied) Ruined My Life Daniel Markham
04. Bottom of the World Terry Allen
05. Before The World Was Made Brennan Leigh & Noel McKay
06. Mother Natalie Maines
07. Sleep Grady Spencer & The Work
08. The Wild and Hollow Colin Gilmore
09. The Moth Complex Ronnie Eaton
10. (Tied) Emotion Control Alex Sanchez
10. (Tied) Cowboy Songster Andy Hedges


Extended Plays

01. The Rooster David Ramirez
02. Danny Cadra Danny Cadra
03. Snake, Rattle, & Roll Rattlesnake Milk
04. Outlier Outlier
05. How Long Have You Been Chasing The Dragon? Dry Heeves
06. Lacy Jo Davis Lacy Jo Davis
07. Light. Dave of The Mohicans
08. Summer Nights Green House
09. Spring ’13 Erick Willis
10. Radio Symmetry The Forty-Eight 


Reader’s Poll Results

We recently tallied up the Reader’s Poll from last week. Below are the top five results for each question.

Favorite Lubbock Albums*

01. Rose Queen William Clark Green
02. Sleep Grady Spencer & The Work
03. Down Fell the Doves Amanda Shires
04. Old Dirt Road Randall King Band
05. Ruined My Life Daniel Markham

Favorite Lubbock Extended Plays*

01. Danny Cadra Danny Cadra 
02. The Rooster David Ramirez
03. Spring ’13 Erick Willis
04. Snake, Rattle, & Roll Rattlesnake Milk
05. Lacy Jo Davis Lacy Jo Davis

*Pollers were asked to rank their three favorite albums and EPs. First place votes received 3 pts, second place received 2 pts, and third place received 1 pt. Answers were then totaled with the following results.

Most Anticipated Lubbock for 2014

01. Reckless Heart Brandon Adams & The Sad Bastards
02. TBD Front Porch Family Band
03. TBD Josh Abbott Band
04. TBD Wade Bowen
05. (Tied) Two Wolves Dave Martinez
05. (Tied) God of Wind Kenneth O’Meara


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