News: Blue Light 2013 Fall Singer-Songwriter Competition Finals

966615_10151740096907153_1487457678_oby: Thomas D. Mooney

For the past three Mondays, the Blue Light has served as host of their Fall Singer-Songwriter Competition. With each week, 15 singer-songwriters have played their original songs, and each week, four have advanced to the upcoming Finals (Monday, Nov 11, 2013).

In the past, the Blue Light Singer-Songwriter Competition has been won by the likes of Casey Berry, Kenneth O’Meara, Daniel Markham, Zac Wilkerson, and most recently, Danny Cadra. Now at this point, we’re not sure who’ll be “crowned” as the 2013 version, but we’re certain it’ll be one of the following 12. 


Week I: Phlip Coggins, Dalton Domino, TC Fambro, Amanda Goebel
Week II: Tanner Castle, Dave Martinez, Mitchell Rambo, Erick Willis
Week III: Randall King, Trent Langford, Lora Markham, Marshall Vines



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