News: Middle Child Records Revamped Site

logoheaderby: Thomas D. Mooney

Local DIY record label Middle Child Records has recently launched their revamped website. Take a tour of the site here.

Among the new features are comprehensive artist pages and accompanying discographies, music videos and live sessions, their Mixlr Internet Radio Station, and information on future MCR events, shows, and music releases. 

With that, there are plenty of free music available through MCR. We’ve taken a little time and jotted down a list of our 10 favorite records, compilations, and songs available for free. Of course this just scrapes the surface and there’s plenty of other albums available. Here’s just a good way to get a footing on what’s there. 

1. Nowhere With You-Thrift Store Cowboys

The debut record from the Lubbock’s most under-appreciated band from the last 50 years.

2. The Great American Desert-Thrift Store Cowboys

Great American Desert is the sophomore release from Thrift Store Cowboys. With their next release, Lay Low While Creeping or Crawling, they would find their stride as a band. This and Nowhere With You just show the early promise.

3.  God Bless Your Bloody Ears-Ivory & Ash

The sophomore EP from Ivory & Ash. Includes “Can’t See That Far,” which was one of our Top 40 Songs of 2012.

4. Eye Eaters-LaPanza

Eye Eaters is the only EP available from LaPanza. It’s a collection of lengthy instrumentals (mostly instrumentals) based around drums and guitar.

5. Digital Demo-Dry Heeves

This three song set is a collection of DH songs coming out after HLHYBCTD (No. 6). It includes songs such as ’90s Prom Song, “Curly Headed Mermaid,” and a rerecorded version of ” Samhain.”

6. How Long Have You Been Chasing the Dragon?-Dry Heeves 

HLHYBCTD is technically the first album released in 2013 by a Lubbock artist. It’s Dry Heeves’ third release–and their best to date.

7. Blue Moon-Coquelicot

Blue Moon is one of two EPs from this now defunct band that has for all intents and purposes, transformed into Veda Moon.

8. No Drums, No Bass, No Problem-The Annihilators

All Hail West Texas. (What more could I say?)

9.  MCR 4/20 Compilation

25 tracks in length including songs from artists such as Coquelicot, Ronnie Eaton, and Slow Static.

10. MCR Happy Holidaze Volume II Compilation

Two discs. 44 tracks. Songs from artists such as Daniel Markham, Rattlesnake Milk, Tangence, and Veda Moon


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