New Releases: Grady Spencer & The Work

1243981_523665097716361_34447171_oby: Thomas D. Mooney

Grady Spencer will be releasing his upcoming record, titled Sleep, this Friday, Oct. 18 with a show at Blue Light here in Lubbock. The album, which is Spencer’s third overall record (Two previous: The Seminole Optimists Club and Sunday’s Ships) and his first with his current band The Work. It’s his first record since moving to Ft. Worth from Lubbock last year. We caught up with Spencer last time he came through and discussed Sleep and The Work which you can find here.

For the rest of the week, we’ll be streaming a hand selected assortment of tunes from the new record here. You can find them below.


1. Feeling Fine
2. Streets of Gold
3. The You Song
4. Best I Can
5. Take it Slow
6. Guns and Knives
7. Things To Do
8. Got Nothing
9. Anatomy of a Sinner
10. Never Be Found
11. Sad Boy Blues


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