Artist Song Bracket Scoring

by: Thomas D. Mooney

BinghamBracket1All of our Artist Song Brackets are scored by the easiest way possible: a tiered point system. In short, the farther along in the tournament, the more points you are scored for correct advancements. It’s a pretty simple concept. 

Every bracket has a maximum score of 1960. For each correct prediction, you are rewarded the following points:

First Round/Previous Round*: 10
Second Round: 20
Sweet Sixteen Round: 40
Elite Eight Round: 80
Final Four Round: 160
Championship Round: 320
Total: 1960. 

*For this Ryan Bingham Tournament, there are a total of 68 songs/seeds. Each region has 17 seeds. The very first official round are four 16 vs 17 match-ups.

Maximum Points Per Round

First Round/Previous Round: 360
Second Round: 320
Sweet Sixteen Round: 320
Elite Eight Round: 320
Final Four Round: 320
Championship Round: 320
Total: 1960



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