New Releases: Emergence EP by Televised Demise

a2120440209_10by: Thomas D. Mooney

Televised Demise, Cooper Schilder, is one half of electronic duo Northern Runaways. Schilder up to this point has primarily used his side project as an outlet for remixing his friend’s music (which you can find here.) . He recently released his debut EP titled Emergence

The spacey electronic dance EP is available for free on his official Bandcamp page. You can find it here.


1. Sector
2. Final Solace
3. The Crowd
4. Blackout featuring Runners
5. Retrospect
6. Emergence

In addition, Schilder and bandmate, Chris Arth along with Peter Longno of Purkinje, Golden Time, and Sun & The Shadows are currently working on a new project titled GREEN HOUSE. According to Arth, the band will be a summer long project. Listen to the first two songs from GREEN HOUSE below titled “Disco Dreaming” and “Bright Light City.”

Watch and listen to “The Getaway” by Televised Demise below.


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