New Releases: The First Hundred Don’t Count by Charlie Stout

a1770052772_10by: Thomas D. Mooney

“This collection covers songs written between 1999 and the summer of 2012 when I received the best songwriting advice to date: “The First Hundred Don’t Count.” (Man, was that guy ever right.) Here’s a quarter of that first hundred.”–Charlie Stout.

Local grizzled singer-songwriter Charlie Stout just released a collection of 24 songs called The First Hundred Don’t Count. Much like The Burned CD: 2010 Acoustic Demos from 2010, they’re acoustic murder ballads.

You’ll recognize a total of eight songs on The First Hundred Don’t Count that were previously on The Burned CD: 2010 Acoustic Demos–though, there are differences between the recordings of those eight songs, which are “Black Mercedes,” “Broken Angel’s Wings,” “Front Porch Swing,” “Jesus Christ,” “Pistol Full of Bullets,” “Road of Life,” “Slow Fade,” and “Songbird.”

You can find The First Hundred Don’t Count on Stout’s bandcamp page here for $12. Additionally, The Burned CD: 2010 Acoustic Demos is now currently $5.


1. American Outlaw
2. Black Mercedes
3. Broken Angel’s Wings
4. Four By Four
5. Front Porch Swing
6. Going Back to Las Vegas
7. Greater Than Gold
8. Heroes And Hypocrites
9. Hollow Point Heart
10. Jesus Christ
11. Last Time Again
12. Lights Go Down
13. Living For the First of the Month
14. Pistol Full of Bullets
15. Play My Songs
16. Reason Not to Cry
17. Road of Life
18. Set Yours Eyes On Things Below
19. Singing Hallelujah
20. Slow Fade
21. Songbird
22. Telegraph Wire
23. Train to Hell
24. You Don’t Belong In Here Tonight

Check out Charlie Stout with The Highgraders performing “Black Mercedes” last year at The Blue Light below.


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