Lubbock Echo Chamber: Andy Eppler

24448_543459705673512_68623107_nby: Thomas D. Mooney

Editor’s Note: Lubbock Echo Chamber is a new New Slang feature. In it, we’ll post interesting, relevant quotes from Lubbock musicians. 

“The value of art can be boiled down to the intention of the artist. This is what the core of art is, intention.

It’s hard to talk with people reasonably about how art works. People want it to be mysterious and mystical so badly. It isn’t mystical. It is definable. Everyone wants to call themselves an artist and so the definition gets stretched. I really hate the over use of the phrase “it’s an art.” Most of the time the thing being referenced to is in no way an art. Just a little pet peeve of mine.”

–Andy Eppler of The Prairie Scholars thoughts on what “art” actually is and why people generally believe it to be a more magical process.



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