Dirty River Boys Song Tournament: Day V

DRB_round_finals copyby: Thomas D. Mooney

Below, you’ll see commentary on the Final Four songs in our Dirty River Boys Song Tournament. Check out the previous days in the tournament using the following links. 

Monday-Day I
Tuesday-Day II (First Round)
Wednesday-Day III (Sweet Sixteen)
Thursday- Day IV (Elite Eight)

Later today, we will share the ultimate winner.

As a reminder, songs are seeded primarily based on popularity and voted on by how great we feel the song is. If we seeded the songs by greatness, then obviously there wouldn’t be a need for a tournament. That fact is essential.

The Sunset Limited vs. City of New Orleans

1) Boomtown- 12 Votes
3) So Long Elaine- 13 Votes

I must say, I really didn’t see an all Long Cold Fall Final Four. “So Long Elaine” once again–two days in a row and THREE TIMES in FOUR–has won by a single vote. That alone is pretty damn remarkable. It’s really taken out some heavy hitters. “Science of Flight,” “She,” “Six Riders,” and now “Boomtown.” Obviously it isn’t without reason though. At this point, I really don’t know what else to say about it, though it does leave me a little puzzled. 

It’s mainly about Nino Cooper singing “Nothing has changed since the day you went away…” I don’t know if he’s being genuine or facetious. I’m not sure if he’s actually meaning that nothing has changed or if he’s purposely saying “nothing has changed” and that’s just part of him still being in some denial. I feel it’s the latter. Cooper is showing us that the character is actually still in some denial about the whole situation. He’s still holding onto the belief that despite nothing changing, he’s going to let his love go, and hopefully she’ll return. But something has undoubtedly changed. I’d even say that almost everything has changed. Or, maybe he’s saying that despite everything changing, it really doesn’t matter. None of that matters due to one redeeming fact. 

And maybe that’s the beautiful tragedy of the entire damn thing. 

California Zephyr vs. Tex-Mex Express

1) Carnival Lights- 14 Votes
1) Union Painter- 11 Votes

I must once again say, I really didn’t see an all Long Cold Fall Final Four.  And actually didn’t see “Carnival Lights” beating “Union Painter.” I genuinely thought “Union Painter” would win this match-up, in what is “Carnival Lights” only close victory. In the two previous victories, “Carnival Lights” beat “Riverbed Wildflowers” 21-4 and “My Son” 20-5. Certainly two polar opposite journeys to the finals. 

“She’s a ghost haunting a house that isn’t even hers!” That could be my favorite moment during the song. It’s one of the stark differences in writing styles between Marco Gutierrez and Cooper have. Gutierrez typically has these lines that are more based on raw emotion. They typically come in the form of something you’d like to shout at someone–and in this case, something they shout. They even sometimes feel as though it was an impulse and side comment on the entire song. Maybe as though he’s not even telling the story, but hearing it and making his own commentary on the entire thing. 


3) So Long Elaine
1) Carnival Lights


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