News: South Plains Sessions 2013

by: Thomas D. Mooney

Middle Child Records and Kabletowava Films have announced that the 15 local artists who will be featured in this year’s South Plains Sessions. Lindsay Boreing, Carin Mari, The Mohicans, Stephen St. Clair, Torrie Atchison, Brandon Adams, Cary Swinney, The Born to Kills, Ronnie Eaton, Dry Heeves, Voice de Harp, Turbine Toolshed, Alma Quartet, Maria and the Gypsyhouse, and Ian & Andy Wilkinson. 

In the past, The South Plains Sessions have featured a number of local musicians including Daniel Fluitt of Thrift Store Cowboys, Amanda Shires, Tori Vasquez, Race Henry of Ivory & Ash, Phlip Coggins, Veda Moon, and Above the Empire just to name a few. 

During these sessions, artists  perform two to four songs typically in their home in an intimate setting. In addition, locally produced television show 24 Frames selects portions of these sessions and airs them. 

As of now, there isn’t any set order or dates attached to the fifteen artists. For more information on Kabletowava Films, click here. For more information on Middle Child Records, click here.

To watch previous South Plains Sessions, check out their official Vimeo page here.

Watch The South Plains Session featuring Veda Moon below. 

The South Plains Sessions – Veda Moon from Kabletowava Films on Vimeo.


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